More Photos From Italy

I had a rough day with an all day long headache yesterday, so the photos promised had to wait til today. Hope you enjoy. All Photos ©Gokhan Cukurova        


A Few More Photos From Italy

As opening my studio date approaches faster than ever, Spotlight meetings, and all other things I have to catch up with after our return, I am getting a few more photos done. The film I have shot while I was...

Gokhan At Work – Good Times

As I was going through some old files to find one specific image for a publication, I found some old video files. This one was meant to be shared again. I can believe it’s been over two years since this...

How To Merge Catalogs In Lightroom

great tutorial from Seán Duggan. You could see his other educational tutorial videos here Enjoy, Gokhan   ****Gokhan Cukurova is a Chicago based Wedding Photographer, photography instructor, founder-director of Chicago Photographic Society, a non-profit dedicated for productive networking and education...


What Is In My Travel Bags

I was asked by several photographer friends to show what’s in my travel bags and never got around it. Now I am sitting at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on the way to a city which has become my second home...


Teachers of Chicago

The dispute between Chicago Teachers Union CTU and the new mayor of the city Rahm Emanuel is not getting any better. As I know one can not make everyone happy, I am a strong supporter of Unions but let’s not...


Published on Leica-Blog. I am on Cloud 9

I am on Cloud 9 today. A while back I was interviewed for Leica Camera’s blog. Today is a wonderful day as an interview about me, wedding photography, street photography and Chicago Photographic Society was published on one of the...